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  • Nauja

    Stylish, intelligent and cost-effective superfast charger for public charging The all-new and advanced Alpitronic Hypercharger DC station 150KW is available in two future-proofed models that contain power stacks. Its output is modularly expandable to 200kW .The compact design minimizes the space. It can be added to increase the charging capacity as…

  • Greito įkrovimo stotelė EVB WALLBOX DCGreito įkrovimo stotelė EVB WALLBOX DC

    DC greito įkrovimo stotelė EVB Wallbox DC Galia iki 80 kW Iki 3 jungčių Dėl kainos prašau skambinti + 370 663 55556 arba rašykite [email protected] Kiekviena stotelė turi integruotus 4,8m ilgio kabelius, LCD ekraną 10′, RCD ir MCB apsaugas, palaiko OCCP protokolą, bei RFID autentifikaciją. 20kW 1xCCS2 arba 1xChademo – 13…

  • Wallbox Supernova DC Charger 60kWWallbox Supernova DC Charger 60kW

    Wallbox Supernova DC charger is a complete charging solution designed for EV vehicles have four key features that make it more convenient.

    • Flexible – Adapts to current and future needs.
    • Reliable – Developed to maximize uptime.
    • User-Friendly – Provide a seamless experience to customers.
    • Efficient – Easy to operate and reduced total cost of ownership.