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Stop selection

We recommend that you consult our experts to find the best solution for you. When choosing a charging station, it is important to take into account several factors: the charging capacity of the station, the existing power supply of the house, and the AC charging capacity of the electric car.

AC charging stations can range from 3.6kW to 22kW.
For example, your electric car has a battery of 60kWh and can charge up to 22kW:

  • With 11kW of charging power, you can recharge your battery in 5.5 hours.
  • With a charging capacity of 22kW, you’ll be able to charge your battery in 2h 45min.

Bus stop rental

Yes. We provide the following service

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Bus stop installation service

Yes. We install charging stations.

For an exact installation price, please call

11kW charging station requires a 5×2.5mm cable (up to 10-12m), for longer cable lengths we recommend a thicker 5x4mm power cable

22kW charging station requires 5x6mm cable

Requires a power cable (according to the power rating of the station)
11kW stations – 5×2,5mm
22kW stations – 5x6mm

If dynamic power balancing is required for the station, an additional signal cable (usually UTP, STP category 5e) must be installed. This cable will be used between the charging station and the smart meter.
For the Schneider Electric charging station, no additional cables are required for power balancing, as the communication between the meter and the station is implemented via L1 (first phase) – Over power line.

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Delivery in Lithuania – 1-3 working days

Delivery in Latvia, Estonia, Poland – 2-4 working days.

Yes. We ship to countries in the European Union.


Yes. You can pay by credit card at the time of collection.

Yes. You can pay by credit card at the time of collection.

Yes. We are VAT-registered.

Delivery and return

You can return your order if it has not been used and in full packaging. For refunds, please contact me by phone or email. by post.

Payment is refundable within 3 working days.

Yes. You can change or cancel your order. Contact us by phone or email

We recommend calling. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your needs.

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