List of electric cars


Here’s a list of electric cars so you can assess which charging station you need. The list may not be accurate, so if you find an error, please let [email protected] know – THANK YOU

Type-2 – the most popular AC connector used in Europe.

Type-1 – AC connector for American and Japanese vehicles.

Charging capacity of electric cars based on current:

  • 3.6 kW – 16A 1 phase ~230V
  • 7.2 kW – 32 A 1 phase ~230V
  • 11 kW – 16A 3 phase ~400V
  • 22 kW – 32A 3 phase ~400V
AC – alternating current charging.
DC – direct current charging.

List of electric cars (use search)

GamintojasModelisAC įkrovimo tipasMaks AC įkrovimo galiaDC įkrovimo tipasMaks DC įkrovimo galiaNuotolisBaterijos talpaVariklio galia
AudiE-tron 55 QuattroType-211 kWCCS150 kW300 km95 kWh300 kW
AudiE-Tron GTType-211 kWCCS250 kW400 km85 kWh434 kW
AudiE-Tron GTType-211 kWCCS125 kW425 km83 kWh225 kW
BMWi3s 120ahType-211 kWCCS49 kW220 km37.9 kWh135 kW
BMWiX3Type-211 kWCCS120 kW350 km74 kWh210 kW
BytonM-ByteType-211 kWCCS120 kW310 km72 kWh200 kW
ChevroletBoltType-17.4 kWCCS50 kW320 km60 kWh150 kW
ChevroletSparkType-13.3 kWCCS50 kW132 km21.3 kWh105 kW
CitroenC-ZeroType-23.7 kWCCS30 kW90 km14.5 kWh47 kW
CitroenDS 3 Crossback E-TenseType-27.4 kWCCS75 kW280 km47.5 kWh100 kW
Fiat500eType-26.6 kWType-26.6 kW140 km24 kWh83 kW
FordMustang Mach-EType-211 kWCCS150 kW450 km90 kWh248 kW
HondaUrban EVType-211 kWCCS50 kW200 km32 kWh100 kW
HyundaiIONIQ 5Type-211 kWCCS230 kW410 km72 kWh225 kW
HyundaiIONIQ Electric 38 kWhType-27.2 kWCCS70 kW265 km38.3 kWh100 kW
HyundaiKona Electric 64 kWhType-211 kWCCS77 kW400 km64 kWh150 kW
JaguarI-PaceType-27.4 kWCCS104 kW300 km90 kWh295 kW
Kiae-Niro 64 kWhType-27.2 kWCCS77 kW375 km64 kWh150 kW
Kiae-Soul 64 kWhType-27.2 kWCCS77 kW370 km64 kWh150 kW
KiaEV6Type-211 kWCCS250 kW425 km77 kWh239 kW
LexusUX 300eType-26.6 kWCHAdeMO50 kW290 km54 kWh150 kW
LightyearOneType-222 kWCCS75 kW580 km60 kWh100 kW
MazdaMX-30Type-26.6 kWCCS50 kW180 km32 kWh105 kW
Mercedes-benzEQAType-211 kWCCS100 kW350 km60 kWh200 kW
Mercedes-benzEQC 400 4MATICType-211 kWCCS112 kW355 km85 kWh300 kW
MGZS EVType-27.4 kWCCS85 kW230 km40 kWh105 kW
MiniCooper SEType-27.4 kWCCS50 kW232 km32.6 kWh135 kW
NissanAriyaType-222 kWCCS130 kW440 km90 kWh178 kW
NissaneNV200Type-16.6 kWCHAdeMO50 kW180 km40 kWh80 kW
NissanLeaf 30 kWhType-16.6 kWCHAdeMO47 kW180 km30 kWh80 kW
NissanLeaf 40 kWhType-26.6 kWCCS50 kW230 km40 kWh110 kW
NissanLeaf e+ 62 kWhType-26.6 kWCCS100 kW350 km62 kWh160 kW
OpelCorsa-eType-27.4 kWCCS100 kW290 km50 kWh100 kW
Peugeote-2008Type-211 kWCCS100 kW275 km50 kWh100 kW
Peugeote-208Type-211 kWCCS100 kW295 km50 kWh100 kW
PorscheTaycan Cross TurismoType-222 kWCCS250 kW400 km96 kWh440 kW
PorscheTaycan Turbo SType-222 kWCCS350 kW430 km96 kWh560 kW
RenaultKangoo Maxi ZEType-27.4 kWType-27.4 kW165 km33 kWh44 kW
RenaultZoe 44 kWhType-222 kWType-243 kW260 km44.1 kWh80 kW
RenaultZoe 55 kWhType-222 kWCCS50 kW325 km55 kWh80 kW
RivianR1SType-211 kWCCS160 kW660 km180 kWh560 kW
RivianR1TType-211 kWCCS160 kW640 km180 kWh522 kW
Seatel-BornType-211 kWCCS100 kW370 km62 kWh150 kW
SeatMii ElectricType-27.2 kWCCS40 kW225 km36.8 kWh61 kW
SkodaCITIGOe iVType-27.2 kWCCS40 kW225 km36.8 kWh61 kW
SkodaEnyaqType-211 kWCCS125 kW405 km77 kWh150 kW
SmartEQ forfourType-222 kWType-222 kW90 km16.7 kWh60 kW
SmartEQ fortwo cabrioType-222 kWType-222 kW95 km16.7 kWh60 kW
SonoSionType-211 kWCCS50 kW225 km35 kWh120 kW
TeslaCybertruckType-211 kWCCS250 kW750 km200 kWh600 kW
TeslaModel 3 Long Range Dual MotorType-211 kWCCS250 kW475 km75 kWh330 kW
TeslaModel 3 Long Range PerformanceType-211 kWCCS250 kW450 km75 kWh430 kW
TeslaModel 3 Standard RangeType-211 kWCCS260 kW300 km46 kWh150 kW
TeslaModel 3 Standard Range PlusType-211 kWCCS250 kW340 km55 kWh260 kW
TeslaModel S 85DType-222 kWCHAdeMO120 kW435 km85 kWh311 kW
TeslaModel S Long RangeType-217 kWCHAdeMO145 kW525 km100 kWh350 kW
TeslaModel S PerformanceType-217 kWCHAdeMO145 kW510 km100 kWh451 kW
TeslaModel X 90DType-217 kWCHAdeMO120 kW415 km90 kWh311 kW
TeslaModel X Long RangeType-217 kWCHAdeMO120 kW460 km100 kWh311 kW
TeslaModel X PerformanceType-217 kWCHAdeMO145 kW445 km100 kWh451 kW
TeslaModel Y Long RangeType-211 kWCCS250 kW440 km75 kWh211 kW
TeslaModel Y Long Range Dual MotorType-211 kWCCS250 kW425 km75 kWh258 kW
TeslaModel Y Long Range PerformanceType-211 kWCCS250 kW400 km75 kWh340 kW
TeslaModel Y Standard RangeType-211 kWCCS250 kW300 km60 kWh150 kW
TeslaRoadsterType-222 kWCCS250 kW970 km200 kWh1000 kW
Volkswagene-GolfType-27.2 kWCCS40 kW190 km35.8 kWh100 kW
Volkswagene-Up!Type-23.7 kWCCS50 kW95 km18.7 kWh60 kW
Volkswagene-Up! Gen 2Type-27.2 kWCCS40 kW225 km32.3 kWh61 kW
VolkswagenID BuzzType-211 kWCCS150 kW600 km111 kWh275 kW
VolkswagenID.3 Long RangeType-211 kWCCS100 kW475 km77.0 kWh200 kW
VolkswagenID.3 Mid RangeType-211 kWCCS100 kW370 km58.0 kWh150 kW
VolkswagenID.3 Standard RangeType-211 kWCCS100 kW300 km45.0 kWh100 kW
VolkswagenID.4Type-211 kWCCS125 kW410 km77 kWh150 kW
VolkswagenID.6Type-211 kWCCS200 kW700 km111 kWh225 kW
VolvoPolestar 2Type-211 kWCCS150 kW450 km78.0 kWh300 kW
VolvoXC40 ElectricType-211 kWCCS150 kW400 km78.0 kWh300 kW