ABB Terra DC Wallbox 22,5 kW CCS2 + Chademo


“ABB Terra DC Wallbox 24 kW CCS + Chademo – Designed by a leading electrical equipment manufacturer trusted by energy suppliers and governments, the Terra DC Wallbox enables fast charging in a safe, smart way. 130 years of innovation and a decade of experience in e. The Mobility, DC wall box is designed to support the continued progress of electric vehicles.


ABB Terra DC Wallbox 22,5 kW with two connectors – CCS2 + Chademo with 3.5m cable (model – 6AGC077814)

Why choose a DC wallbox instead of an AC wallbox

When charging with an AC charging station, the charging power is often limited by the built-in EV adapter. The power output of the in-car adapter is usually between 3 and 7 kW. Any additional energy that the AC charging station can provide remains unused. For DC charging, a maximum DC power of 24 kW is supplied directly to the battery, bypassing the limitations of the on-board adapter. With the Terra DC Wallbox, you can ensure a 24 kW power supply, no matter which EV model is being charged, whether it has an AC inverter or not.

Intelligent design: compact, convenient, connected

– Space-saving, easy to install
– User-friendly interface with a 7″ LCD touchscreen at the stop
– many connectivity options: OCPP, 4G, LAN

Ready for the future:

– Fully compatible with current and future electric vehicles
– Remote software updates
– Smart functionality means optimised and cost-effective charging

Security: built-in protection

– Assessed and verified to the highest independent standards
– Safe for use in residential areas
– Built-in protection with earthing
– Outdoor and indoor installation NEMA 3 and IP54

Load management

– Smart charging via OCPP
– Setup for integrating an external energy meter for dynamic load management
– Ready for integration with an intelligent intelligent building energy system

Integrated electrical safety

– overcurrent protection
– Against over- and under-voltage
– Earthing fault
– Overvoltage protection
– Monitoring the continuation of PE (protective eatrh)
– Leakage current monitor protection


– GSM / 3G / 4G
– Ethernet


– 0-22,5 kW, 24 kW (maximum) / 60 A
– Charging voltage: CCS: 150 – 920 V DC
Delivery time: 8 weeks after ordering
Please note – the CCS connector bracket (shown in the product picture) is not included. It can be ordered separately here.
The pedestal for installation can be ordered separately.

ABB Terra DC Wallbox 22,5 kW CCS2 + Chademo