Solax X3 PRO inverters 8-30kW



8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 15kW, 17kW, 20kW, 25kW, 30kW


SolaX Power
” vision is for a clean, sustainable and renewable energy-based future. The manufacturer produces and continuously develops efficient inverters that are in line with today’s market trends, allowing us to harness even more of the free, clean energy we can get from the sun. The company has grown year on year to become a globally recognised multinational with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the USA. This growth reflects the increased demand for renewable energy products worldwide. “SolaX Power strives to remain at the forefront of the solar revolution.

The manufacturer is proud to have more than 500 employees working worldwide, over 600,000 inverters sold and 6 offices already.

Research and development

The manufacturer carries out research and development to ensure that their products remain the leading solution on the market. “SolaX Power is proud to partner with Zhejiang University, one of the leading research universities in China with technologically advanced laboratories.

SolaX Power power converters are among the most advanced power converters available, with the main differentiator being their comparatively low price. The manufacturer started its activities in 2010. Their inverters are equipped with various protections – voltage, overload, overheating and others – to ensure that the inverter lasts as long as possible.

  • Wide MPPT voltage range;
  • Integrated monitoring;
  • Natural/forced cooling;
  • Up to 98.5% inverter efficiency;
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (extendable);

SolaX Power offers the following products:

  1. Energy storage solutions – solar batteries, hybrid 1- or 3-phase inverters;
  2. Household charging stations for electric vehicles that are compatible with Solax power inverters and can adjust the charging power according to the power generated by the solar power plant;
  3. Domestic, single-phase power inverters (inverters) – in Lithuania, up to 3.6kW of solar power can be connected;
  4. Domestic and industrial three-phase power converters (inverters);
  5. Power converter accessories, monitoring systems, cloud technologies.

Solax Cloud – solar power plant monitoring platform

“SolaX Cloud is an intelligent, multifunctional monitoring platform that can be accessed remotely or via a wired connection. Whether for residential or commercial systems, centralised management and monitoring of PV systems saves time and money. With SolaX Cloud, PV system operators and installers can always view master and up-to-date data.

  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Functionality management;
  • Production history and analysis;
  • Real-time fault messages;
  • Financial analysis of savings;

Designed with the end user and installers in mind, SolaX Cloud is the perfect real-time monitoring solution.

Manage your systems via the cloud and perform maintenance and upgrades on your main converter from anywhere in the world.

Certified and reliable manufacturer SolaX

The Chinese inverter manufacturer uses only high-quality components and certifies its products according to the latest, up-to-date standards. The voltage converters meet all the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania and can be connected to ESO’s distribution network, are eligible for support and meet the requirements of the Environmental Project Management Agency.

Solax – X-Series Power Converters

How do hybrid Solax power converters work?

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X3-PRO-8K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-8K-G2 Three Phases 8.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings, incl DC
X3-PRO-10K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-10K-G2 Three Phases 10.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-12K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-12K-G2 Three Phases 12.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-15K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-15K-G2 Three Phases 15.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-17K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-17K-G2 Three Phases 17.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-20K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-20K-G2 Three Phases 20.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 4 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-25K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-25K-G2 Three Phases 25.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 6 strings,incl DC
X3-PRO-30K-G2 SOLAX X3-PRO-30K-G2 Three Phases 30.0KW, Dual MPPT, with 6 strings,incl DC


SolaX X3 hibridinis inverteris 5-15kW

Solax X3 PRO inverters 8-30kW

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