Type1 mobile charger 3.6kW


The most popular Type1 mobile charger in Lithuania. Variable charging power: 10A or 16A.
Warranty: 24 months.

Currently out of stock, delivery time up to 2 weeks.

AC charging power

3.6 kW

LCD screen







Type 1 cable


Specification for the Type1 mobile EV charger:

Power: 3.6 kW
Current rating: 10/16 A
Output: integrated Type1 cable
Input: 230 V ~ 16 A (max.), 50 Hz
Overheating protection: yes
Colour: black
Operating temperature: -25 – 55°C
Display: LCD
Additional features: IP66
Surge protection: yes
Warranty: 24 months.


Electric cars are the future. “The GC EV PowerCable is the ideal solution for those who want a reliable, versatile and, most importantly, mobile EV / PHEV charging system. Charge your vehicle wherever you go with a regular mains socket – no more surprises on the road. A modern charging system, a minimalist design and a robust and lightweight construction – that’s what you get with a Green Cell charger.

LCD display
All important charging data is now visible on the LCD display – current charging power, charging session time, operating temperature. The charger has a power button (10A or 16A) and an LED to indicate the current status of the charger.

The optimum cable length allows you to always conveniently connect your vehicle to the charger.
No assembly, no complicated interconnections. You can charge from any standard 230 V socket (Schuko).
1 connector type


Type1 mobile charger 3.6kW