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  • Enelion Energy Guard 2,0

    Dynamic Power Balancing Module for Enelion charging stations 3×230 V AC (+-10%) -25°C/+55°C 105 mm / 20 mm / 80 mm Maximum current 40A , 100A, 300A, 500A Current pliers included.

  • 24.20

    This mounting accessory is designed for mounting EV charging stations on walls insulated with foam insulation (up to 300-320mm thick) The installation annex includes: TORX fixing screws (quantity per station) Universal fixing pins (quantity per stop) When booking, please select a stop

  • Type2 rozetėType2 rozetė -22% Off
    Original price was: €78.65.Current price is: €61.71.

    The TYPE2 32A 22KW electric car charging socket is used at charging stations. Can be equipped with a locking mechanism to protect the connected cable against theft. The socket cover, sealing gasket and moisture drainage tube allow it to be used outdoors. Key features: Current 32A/400V Charging power up to…

  • V2C srovės replės -45% Off
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    V2C auxiliary current pliers. To connect an additional solar power plant to the dynamic power balancing via V2C Smart meter, additional current pliers are required. Set includes 3 pcs.

  • 281.93

    The VOOL Hub’s power balancing module measures the power in the distribution panel and if the consumption in one of the three phases becomes too high, the HUB instructs the VOOL chargers to switch the consumption to a less loaded phase. On DIN rail Size – 5 DIN modules Warranty…

  • Enelion Energy Guard 3.0 pajungimo schemaEnelion Energy Guard 3.0 pajungimo schema -13% Off
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    Enelion Energy Guard 3.0 (EEG 3.0) wireless power balancing module Balancing module for ENELION charging stations. This module performs dynamic power balancing with the main input. No cables and wires are needed, everything is wireless. Set includes: Dynamic Power Balancing Module Power supply unit Cable for power supply unit 3pcs.…