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  • FlexEV 11kW su Type2 5m kabeliuFlexEV 11kW su Type2 5m kabeliu -32% Off
    Original price was: €447.70.Current price is: €302.50.

    This charging station is suitable for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars. All the safeguards needed for safe charging of the electric car are in place (grounding check, checking of the electric car’s connection “diode”, protection against stuck contacts). FlexEV 11kW (3x16A) electric car charging station Mode-3 Charging socket: Type…

  • -20% Off
    Original price was: €211.75.Current price is: €169.40.

    3 phases ensure maximum charging speed for your electric car. A professional product from the well-known German manufacturer MENNEKES for those who appreciate quality. Rated current: 32A Cable length: 7 m. Operating voltage: AC 3 phase 380-480V Contact pin: copper alloy, silver plated IP class: IP66 Fire: UL94 V-0 Certifications:CE,…

  • TESLA Gen 3 Wall ConnectorTESLA Gen 3 Wall Connector -15% Off
    Original price was: €871.20.Current price is: €738.10.

    Tesla Charging Station (Wall Connector) – Gen 3 (Generation 3) for European Tesla cars with Type2 connector. The lightweight and compact home charging station comes with a 7.3m charging cable with Type 2 connector. With the Tesla EV Charging Station, you can fully charge your car overnight. Includes the ability1…