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  • EASEE Home baltos spalvos įkrovimo stotelė - 14 % Off

    Easee Charge is one of the best charging stations at a competitive price. It is a stylish, flexible and well-designed charging station. Easee Charge is for car parks, public spaces or businesses, while Easee Home 22kW is for homes. Where there is a need to network up to 3 charging…

  • EASEE LITE juodos spalvos įkrovimo stotelė -22% Off

    Easee Charge Lite 11kW Thoroughly tested and well documented to meet high standards and your needs. What we offer you: Multi-purpose: Suitable for all electric vehicles, this is a charging station you will enjoy using. Connecting to the internet: with Wifi and available 4G (with subscription), your charging will be…