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  • V2C Bluetooth keychain tag -25% Off
    Original price was: €7.26.Current price is: €5.45.

    Bluetooth version: 4.0 Low energy consumption Working distance: <25m (outdoor) Battery: CR2032 lithium Dimensions: 52x31x11mm   Used to activate/deactivate charging at V2C charging stations

  • V2C srovės replės -6% Off
    Original price was: €59.29.Current price is: €55.66.

    V2C auxiliary current pliers. To connect an additional solar power plant to the dynamic power balancing via V2C Smart meter, additional current pliers are required. Set includes 3 pcs.

  • -18% Off
    Original price was: €4,114.00.Current price is: €3,388.00.

    V2C POLE PRO socket (2x22kW) with 8” & 2000 Lumen Display is designed to be installed on the ground and used at office, or public areas. With top industry quality, great looks due to bright 8″ Display and effective anti-vandal protection. V2C Pole station is classified as fast Mode 3 charging station with ability to provide up to 44 kW of power using two Type 2 charging sockets.

  • V2C Trydan 11-22kW įkrovimo stotelė su integruotu Type2 kabeliuV2C Trydan įkrovimo stotelė su integruotu Type2 kabeliu - 4 % Off

    V2C Trydan smart charging station for electric vehicles with integrated power balancing (3 current pliers included.!!!!) Full API, easy integration with phone, Alexa, solar inverters, etc. V2C Trydan 11-22kW – innovative and smart home charging with the best control at your fingertips. Connect to your phone. Enjoy all the benefits…