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  • Vool 22kW įkrovimo stotelė - Living moss

    Voltage – 400v, 3 phases User authentication – NFC, RFID, VOOL mobile app Power – 11 or 22 kW (16A or 32A) Communication – WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, CAN bus, Ethernet, Powerline communication Charging cable – integrated, 6.5m long, Type2 connector Warranty – 36 months. Power balancing – yes, but a…

  • 281.93

    The VOOL Hub’s power balancing module measures the power in the distribution panel and if the consumption in one of the three phases becomes too high, the HUB instructs the VOOL chargers to switch the consumption to a less loaded phase. On DIN rail Size – 5 DIN modules Warranty…