Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC150 DC



Stylish, intelligent and cost-effective superfast charger for public charging

The all-new and advanced Alpitronic Hypercharger DC station 150KW is available in two future-proofed models that contain power stacks. Its output is modularly expandable to 200kW .The compact design minimizes the space. It can be added to increase the charging capacity as preferred by you!

Alpitronic Hypercharger 150kW DC station

The Alpitronic Hypercharger range of rapid DC charging systems is now available in two sizes with power ratings ranging from 75 to 150 kW.

Matrix Technology

Matrix technology helps power stacks to connect automatically every time the vehicle needs high power or multiple EV’s are required to charge simultaneously. This depends on the amount of charging cables installed, the number of power stacks, and the layout.

Compact Design

Gorgeous design with ease of use and the best charging performance is the guarantee factor for customer satisfaction.

A high degree of serviceability helps to ensure high uptimes and short service use.

Many problems can be solved by the manufacturer’s remote connection even before they appear to customers or the operator.

Hypercharger is very easy and simple to maintain, and investments in the Hypercharger will continue to compensate for tomorrow.

Key Features

It had a Dynamic load balancing full power from 300-1000V and up to 3 DC cables, there is also a 22kW option with socket or cable.

  • 500A DC continuous charging current
  • CCS 2 500A HPC cable cooled and uncooled
  • CCS 2 250A uncooled cable
  • CHAdeMO 125A and 200A
  • IP55 and IK10 environmental certification
  • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6
  • Built-in modem
  • RCD security built-in
  • MCB security built-in
  • 15′′ screen
  • MID electric meter
  • All services at the station on the front
  • Charges two cars at the same time
  • Remote monitoring and support

Battery and Power Supply System

As a supplier of aircraft DC charging/AC power supply systems, Alpitronic gas developed a very agile supply chain replete with in-house production capabilities. It designs premium, highly available solutions that can be manufactured with remarkably cost-efficiency. And as a player in the automotive sector, its technical support and end-to-end quality management live up to this industry’s exacting standards.

Other Specifications

The Hypercharger is a fashionable and sophisticated rapid charger made for public use. The operation is simple and obvious thanks to the 15-inch colour display. Users are verified using an RFID or QR code. Optional features include a 22kW AC charging outlet, a second charging cable, and a coiled cable that allows charging currents of up to 500A, as well as a concrete foundation. Individual branding is also possible for the charging station.

The Hypercharger reduces by up to 30% at a voltage of 150-920V for all batteries. It has a built-in cooling system for the charging cable and is the most compact in its class.

Alpitronic DC Hypercharger įkrovimo stotelė

Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC150 DC