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  • Alpitronic DC Hypercharger įkrovimo stotelėAlpitronic DC Hypercharger įkrovimo stotelė

    Stylish, intelligent and cost-effective superfast charger for public charging The all-new and advanced Alpitronic Hypercharger DC station 150KW is available in two future-proofed models that contain power stacks. Its output is modularly expandable to 200kW .The compact design minimizes the space. It can be added to increase the charging capacity…

  • EVB DC įkrovimo stotelėEVB DC Wallbox įkrovimo stotelė

    EVB 2M DC fast charging station from EVB, Poland. Available power: 40kW, 60kW, 80kW Connections: 1 or 2 CCS2 , cable length 3.5m (can be extended to 7m) If 2 connections – dynamic power balancing. LCD screen 10 inches RCD, MCB, MID, OCPP 1.6, RFID, ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES: Can be optionally…

  • EVB DC Ultra įkrovimo stotelėEVB DC Ultra įkrovimo stotelė

    EVB is a well-known Polish manufacturer. EVB Ultra DC is an ultra-fast charging station with a capacity of up to 480kW. Charging power from 40kW to 480kW Connectors: 1, 2 or 3 (CCS2, Type2 AC) For more information, availability and prices, please contact us at. email [email protected] or tel. +370…

  • 17,799.10

    EVB Wallbox DC fast charging station Power up to 80 kW Up to 3 connections For prices please call + 370 663 55556 or email [email protected] Each station has integrated 4.8m long cables, 10′ LCD display, RCD and MCB protection, OCCP protocol support and RFID authentication. Available outputs: 40kW, 60kW,…

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    Wallbox Supernova DC charger is a complete charging solution designed for EV vehicles have four key features that make it more convenient.

    • Flexible – Adapts to current and future needs.
    • Reliable – Developed to maximize uptime.
    • User-Friendly – Provide a seamless experience to customers.
    • Efficient – Easy to operate and reduced total cost of ownership.