Charging station management system FlexEV


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We have an easy and intuitive Station Manager interface that today makes it easy to see the sessions of Elinta, Ensto, ABB, Enelion and other production charging stations at any time via the internet, from any location. You can very easily manage access and data, payments and accounts for your stop users.

Manage charging sessions, user data and station access
You will get a record of all charging sessions
Manage your stops with your phone, tablet or computer.
Remote support from the manufacturer
Works with all* Mode 2 stations that have internet communication access.


Management and visualisation

Web access to the Charging Station Manager allows you to see all charging sessions. You can see when, for how long, and how much electricity you provide to customers, or how much you have used yourself.

Manage your stops and your customers’ data and access
The Stop Manager WebApplication makes it easy and convenient to set when a stop will be available to customers. Your customers will also be able to register themselves and start using the loading service. Saves you time and money.

Export loading session data
With the WebApp you can see all the loading sessions that have taken place at your stops. You can also fit/sort the data by length of loading session, users, amount paid, etc. All charging session information can be exported in Excel format, which is very handy for creating reports and other documents.

Remote control
If the station stops working, the station manager has the option to restart it remotely from the control panel. Up to 95% of minor faults can be solved in this way. You won’t have to physically go to the bus stop, saving you time and money. This means that you don’t need to hire a technical person to provide a quality service to your customers. You can do all this remotely, right from your computer or phone screen.

Internet connection and OCPP
In order to connect the stations to the Web App, your station needs to be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or a mobile signal (depending on the station model). The application communicates with the charging station via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). It is a universal protocol for communication between the charging station and the backend system.

You can see the progress of the loading live around the clock
With Station Manager access, all the data from your charging sessions is recorded for you and can be accessed from your computer, tablet or phone at any time. Data sequences can be exported easily, e.g. for invoicing.

Charging station management system FlexEV