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  • 235.95

    We have an easy and intuitive Station Manager interface that today makes it easy to see the sessions of Elinta, Ensto, ABB, Enelion and other production charging stations at any time via the internet, from any location. You can very easily manage access and data, payments and accounts for your…

  • FlexEV 11kW su Type2 5m kabeliuFlexEV 11kW su Type2 5m kabeliu -32% Off

    This charging station is suitable for all electric and plug-in hybrid cars. All the safeguards needed for safe charging of the electric car are in place (grounding check, checking of the electric car’s connection “diode”, protection against stuck contacts). FlexEV 11kW (3x16A) electric car charging station Mode-3 Charging socket: Type…

  • 22.39

    In order to generate revenue from the charging service, a charging solution is needed. We offer our customers the opportunity to earn money from the charging service, which will require integrating your charging station into the FlexEV EV charging station management platform. Once connected to the platform, the stop will…