Wallbox Pulsar Plus

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Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a practical, smart charging system for electric cars and plug-in hybrids that connects to the myWallbox charging management system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Pulsar Plus has built-in DC leakage protection as standard. Pulsar Plus is compatible and has the most advanced technology to provide maximum charging efficiency. Pulsar Plus can easily be used in private garages or shared parking lots.

AC charging power

11 kW, 22 kW, 7.2 kW

Cable length

5m, 7m


Black, White

Wifi connection




Ethernet / LAN



1, 3


230V, 400V

Load balancing




LCD screen



The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the smallest but very powerful electric car charging stations on the market. It is designed to fit wherever you choose to install it, and the station itself changes colours according to the charging status of your electric car. So you know instantly when your electric car is still charging or ready to go. The station already has an integrated charging cable and can provide charging up to 22 kW. It will therefore fully ensure maximum charging power, even for the most advanced electric vehicle.

Charging management is particularly easy with the myWallbox app . This allows you to control the charger from any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can manage charging schedules, receive notifications and more. With Pulsar Plus, you are in full control of your electric car’s charging and you’ll greet each day with a fully charged battery.

Powerful and durable

Designed and manufactured in Europe (Spain), the Pulsar Plus is durable, certified water and dust resistant, with IP54 and IK08 protection ratings, allowing for safe installation indoors or outdoors. It has a charging capacity of up to 22 kW and weighs just 1 kg.


Each Wallbox Pulsar Plus charging station comes with an integrated Wi-Fi module, allowing you to control and monitor your charging station from anywhere in the world. Don’t worry if the internet suddenly goes down in the garage or parking lot, the built-in Bluetooth interface allows you to control the Pulsar Plus even when you can’t connect to the internet.


Schedule charging sessions and take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, monitor the status of your charging station, lock and unlock it remotely, get real-time notifications and updates. All this is possible using the myWallbox app or browser. You can also monitor your charging status on your smartwatch. Pulsar Plus is also compatible with platforms that support OCPP standards.


  • 11kW or 22kW 3-phase options. Charging power can be adjusted from 3.6kW to 22kW
  • DC leakage protection built-in as standard
  • Built-in 5m or 7m Type 2 cable
  • Always connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • User authentication via the Wallbox app/my Wallbox portal or free access
  • Includes myWallbox app and portal for charging scheduling and charging reporting
  • Optional black or white
  • With power sharing

Bus stop and solar power plant integration

The Wallbox Eco-Smart feature allows you to fully integrate the charging process with your solar power plant. Your car can only be charged with electricity from the solar power plant you have built.


Wallbox-Pulsar-Plus-Technical specification

I know the Meter Connection Instructions, Power Sharing Instructions



WARNING: The input and output voltages of this appliance are dangerously high, which could endanger human life. Strictly follow all warnings and instructions on the appliance and in the manual. The cover of this unit should not be removed by unauthorised or untrained maintenance personnel.

  • Keep the charging connector clean and dry. If it gets dirty, wipe with a clean, dry cloth. It is strictly forbidden to touch the socket core when the power is on.
  • The device must be supervised when used around children.
  • Do not put your fingers in the connector of your electric car.
  • Do not use the charger if the device is defective: broken, cracked, opened or shows any other sign of damage. The power cord or charging cable is worn, the insulation is broken or there are other signs of damage.
  • Use caution when it is raining or lightning.
  • Install the charger in a sufficiently ventilated area and avoid areas with direct sunlight.



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Wallbox Pulsar Plus

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