Wallbox Smart Meter (version B, MID)

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Carlo Gavazzi 65A smart power meter, EM340






Three-phase electricity meter for current up to 65 A with Modbus (RS485), MID certified.
Compatible with Wallbox (power boost, eco-smart), Teltonika, ABB and other charging stations.

The EM340 is a new series of compact electricity meters in which the 3-phase electricity meter is only three modules wide. The display is a backlit LCD screen that switches between the measurement sides (V = volt and A = ampere and kWh) and all other controls are done by sensors at the bottom of the screen. The energy meter is easy to install as it has a built-in function that indicates phase sequence errors and if the current direction is wrong. The energy meter is ideal for all types of applications in both industry and real estate. The MID validation and Modbus communication make the energy meter suitable for use in under-volume applications where cost allocation is required.

Counter Carlo Gavazzi EM340 Version B

For use with Wallbox, ABB and Teltonika charging stations.

Version B is required if you want the charging station to work with your solar power station.

Manufacturer’s specification

Connection instructions:

EM340 Connection instructions for Wallbox stations.

Instructions for connecting the EM340 to Teltonika TeltoCharge charging stations



  • Digital input (for tariff management)
  • Easy connection or misdirection of current
  • Accuracy ±0.5% RDG (current/voltage)
  • DC current measurement up to 65 AAC
  • Backlit LCD display (3x 8 digits) with integrated touch keypad
  • Energy display: 8 digits
  • Variable display: 4-digit display
  • Package depth 70 mm
  • Package height 105 mm
  • Package width 135 mm
  • Quantity per pack 1.00 pieces
  • Paper/cardboard 50.00 g
  • Tare weight 0.05 kg
  • Volume 0.00099225 m³
  • Eeis waste tax Yes
  • Classification of eeis Cl109:6:2017-04-01
  • Plastic (without pet) 40.00 g
  • Ti weight 0.03 kg
  • Model name em340
  • Manufacturer product series smart power meter, 3 phase, up to 65a

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Wallbox Smart Meter (version B, MID)

Original price was: €199.65.Current price is: €159.72.