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    Despite its small size, the ENELION STILO is a full-featured charger with an output of up to 22 kW. Type2 charging cable is integrated in the station. It can be hung on a hook, which is a structural element of the device. The status of the charger is indicated by…

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    ENELION Wallbox charging station Only a user authorised by an RFID card can start and stop a charging session, which means that no one else can disconnect your cable from the socket that is automatically locked during charging. RFID authorisation can be deactivated during device configuration, in which case charging…

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    EVB Wallbox DC fast charging station Power up to 80 kW Up to 3 connections For prices please call + 370 663 55556 or email [email protected] Each station has integrated 4.8m long cables, 10′ LCD display, RCD and MCB protection, OCCP protocol support and RFID authentication. Available outputs: 40kW, 60kW,…