Enelion Stilo with Type2 cable

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Type 2 cable



Wifi connection


Ethernet / LAN








Load balancing



Despite its small size, the ENELION STILO is a full-featured charger with an output of up to 22 kW. Type2 charging cable is integrated in the station. It can be hung on a hook, which is a structural element of the device. The status of the charger is indicated by LED lights on the top of the unit.

Charging sessions are controlled by an RFID card, which means that no one else can disconnect your cable from the station’s automatically locked socket during charging. RFID authorisation can be deactivated during device configuration, in which case charging of the electric car will start immediately after connection.

Enelion Stilo’s aluminium housing is IP54-rated, weatherproof and can be installed outdoors. The charging station is ideal for office buildings, car parks, shopping centres, garages, etc. The connection cable is hidden inside the pole.

The housing is made of anodised aluminium and is available in Graphite Black or Silver.

Includes dynamic power balancing – an optional extra for Enelion Energy Guard.
Supports OCPP protocol (WiFi, Ethernet, LTE (GSM) Bridge module required)

Connector type – 5 m cable with Type2 connector
Charging power 1.4 kW – 22 kW
Height 430 mm
Width 185 mm
Depth 56 mm
Operating temperature -25°C / +55°C

Available in 2 station modifications: 11kW or 22kW.

Dust and moisture resistance class: IP54
Impact resistance class: IK10

Eligible for ENA support !

Enelion Stilo specification in English

Installation instructions, declarations and all other necessary documents

Enelion Stilo with Type2 cable

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