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    ABB is trusted as a global leader because of its expertise in developing solutions for e-mobility from the highway to the home. “The Terra AC 11kW wall charger combines ABB’s leadership in e-mobility with 130 years of innovation to provide the perfect charging solution for electric vehicles.

    All stations can be controlled via the ChargeSync mobile app. It can also manage charging power dynamically to ensure that your building’s maximum electrical output is not exceeded.

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    Despite its small size, the ENELION STILO is a full-featured charger with an output of up to 22 kW. Type2 charging cable is integrated in the station. It can be hung on a hook, which is a structural element of the device. The status of the charger is indicated by…

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    EneCharging station Enelion Vertica Type Freestanding Type2 connector type – selectable (Type2 socket or integrated Type2 cable) Manufacturer Enelion LCD display Yes OCCP Yes RFID Yes Colour Black Wifi Yes 4g – Yes Warranty 24 months. (extendable up to 5 years) Power – up to 22kW per charging module Anodised…

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    ENELION Wallbox charging station Only a user authorised by an RFID card can start and stop a charging session, which means that no one else can disconnect your cable from the socket that is automatically locked during charging. RFID authorisation can be deactivated during device configuration, in which case charging…

  • EVB DC Ultra įkrovimo stotelėEVB DC Ultra įkrovimo stotelė

    EVB is a well-known Polish manufacturer. EVB Ultra DC is an ultra-fast charging station with a capacity of up to 480kW. Charging power from 40kW to 480kW Connectors: 1, 2 or 3 (CCS2, Type2 AC) For more information, availability and prices, please contact us at. email [email protected] or tel. +370…

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    EVB Wallbox DC fast charging station Power up to 80 kW Up to 3 connections For prices please call + 370 663 55556 or email [email protected] Each station has integrated 4.8m long cables, 10′ LCD display, RCD and MCB protection, OCCP protocol support and RFID authentication. Available outputs: 40kW, 60kW,…

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    Safe, reliable and efficient charging services with real-time monitoring of charging status and progress. 30 kW DC Quick charging station DC 30 kW speed charger 7″ LCD screen LAN, 4G, RFID (optional), card reader (optional) 4.5 m cable CCS2 connector Product code – MEV30DRENG4CCS Detailed specification here

  • MOREK įkovimo stotelė su Type2 lizduMOREK įkovimo stotelė su Type2 lizdu - 30 % Off

    Morek EV 22 kW smart charging station. House, apartment block, business. Morek EV 11-22 kW Charging station controlled by a modern app (iOS, Android) Charging based on the Nordpool electricity exchange price (particularly suitable for business) 3.8″ LCD screen LAN, WiFi, RFID 6.5 m Type2 cable or Type2 socket Dynamic…

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    V2C POLE PRO socket (2x22kW) with 8” & 2000 Lumen Display is designed to be installed on the ground and used at office, or public areas. With top industry quality, great looks due to bright 8″ Display and effective anti-vandal protection. V2C Pole station is classified as fast Mode 3 charging station with ability to provide up to 44 kW of power using two Type 2 charging sockets.

  • Vool 22kW įkrovimo stotelė - Living moss

    Voltage – 400v, 3 phases User authentication – NFC, RFID, VOOL mobile app Power – 11 or 22 kW (16A or 32A) Communication – WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, CAN bus, Ethernet, Powerline communication Charging cable – integrated, 6.5m long, Type2 connector Warranty – 36 months. Power balancing – yes, but a…

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    The Wallbox Commander 2 is a smart, convenient charging station designed for easy charging, even with multiple users. The user has the possibility to choose who can use the charging station and in what way, using a password function, RFID cards or the “myWallbox” app. The charging station will also allow charging up to 22kW

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    LOGISTICAL INFORMATION Package depth (mm) 395.00 mm Package height (mm) 395.00 mm Package width (mm) 200.00 mm Quantity per pack 1.00 pieces Paper/Cardboard 451.00 g Plastic (without PET) 40.00 g Container weight (kg) 0.49 kg Volume (m3) 0.03 m³ Built-in battery From WEEE tax Yes WEEE classification CL109:6:2017-04-01 TI weight…

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    The versatile, reliable and elegant Wallbox Copper SB electric vehicle charging station is designed for commercial car parks. The robust solution from international manufacturer Wallbox (Spain) is ideal for charging most electric vehicles on the market at the touch of a few buttons. The myWallbox platform, which is extremely flexible, will guarantee a smooth and fast charging process. And 24/7 customer service will help you through even the most challenging situations.

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    Wallbox RFID Card RFID-1 White   Quantity: 1 pc.

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    Wallbox RFID Card Pack RFID-5 White