Probably the best charging station for direct solar charging and dynamic balancing – V2C Trydan

As the electric vehicle (EV) revolution accelerates, one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the charging infrastructure. Investing in a reliable and efficient EV charger is just as important as choosing the right electric car. Today we will present the V2C Trydan, a game-changing charging station for electric vehicles that not only offers the best price-performance ratio, but also a wide range of different features that make it a unique choice on the market.

Dynamic power balancing (without additional SmartMeter): unlock maximum energy use

V2C Trydan 11-22kW charging station with integrated Type2 cableOne of the outstanding features of the V2C Trydan is the possibility of dynamic power balancing without the need to install an additional SmartMeter, which in many cases will cost an extra 150-250€. Dynamic power balancing will ensure that the maximum available energy is efficiently distributed between household and EV charging. This not only optimises the charging process, but also protects against overloading and ensures smooth charging for all users.

Made in Spain, complying with all European quality standards

Designed and assembled in Spain, V2C Trydan manufacturers boast years of experience. The company developing this cutting-edge EVSE has been a pioneer in the development of high-tech charging solutions for the past 8 years. Complying with strict European quality standards, V2C Trydan ensures reliability, safety and durability, giving EV owners the peace of mind they need when charging their electric vehicles.

V2C Trydan charging station with integrated Type2 cable
V2C Trydan charging station with integrated Type2 cable

Different configurations for each user’s needs

“The V2C Trydan offers several configuration options to meet different user requirements. Users can equip the charger with a 5 metre, 10 metre, spring cable or socket. In addition, the user can choose between single-phase or three-phase charging, accommodating a wide range of power sources without compromising performance.

Charging from excess solar energy: driving for almost nothing!

One of the main functions of the V2C Trydan is its ability to recharge from excess solar energy. This innovative feature allows electric car owners to charge their vehicles directly using the excess solar energy generated by their photovoltaic panels. By using this renewable energy source, electric car owners can significantly reduce their dependence on the electricity grid and their CO2 footprint. This not only helps reduce electricity bills, but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

There are several ways to connect a V2C Trydan to a PV system:

CT jet pliers: The V2C Trydan can be connected to the power system using current transformer (CT) clamps. 3 pieces of CT clips will be included in the set.

These clamps measure the current flowing through electricity cables and provide essential data for load balancing and managing excess solar energy. To harness the excess solar energy, additional modules are added to the solar inverter

CT clamps that allow the station to monitor and efficiently use the excess energy generated by solar power.

Modbus connection to a smart meter: another option is to connect it directly to a smart meter via Modbus. Smart meter measures energy consumption

and home generation, including solar power. By integrating with a smart meter, Trydan can intelligently control the charging process to optimise the use of excess solar energy.

Inverter wireless: Trydan offers seamless wireless connectivity to the most renowned inverter brands available on the market, such as Fronius, Ingeteam, Solax and Kostal, among others.

By integrating wirelessly with the inverter, the eCharger can directly access real-time solar generation data and adjust the charging process accordingly. This ensures that the electric car is charged efficiently using excess solar energy whenever possible.

Integration of Shelly Wireless Clamps: in addition, the V2C Trydan supports integration with Shelly wireless (CT) clamps. “Shelly offers a range of wireless monitoring devices that can be easily installed in electrical circuits, including solar inverters. Charging

Shelly Smart Meter
Shelly Smart Meter

By including Shelly clips in the set-up, Trydan can accurately measure solar energy production and dynamically adjust charging to maximise the use of excess solar energy.

The V2C Trydan is an exclusive EV charger that embodies the future of EV charging. Built to stringent European quality standards and developed by a company with an excellent track record, V2C Trydan guarantees reliability and performance. With a variety of configurations, a convenient price point and the ability to charge from excess solar energy, the V2C Trydan sets a new standard for value for money in the EV charging infrastructure market. If you’re looking for the best charging solution for your electric car, this EV charger deserves a place at the top of your list. Take advantage of dynamic balancing functionality or the power of solar synergy and move towards a cleaner, greener future with V2C Trydan. We can therefore say that the V2C Trydan is probably the best EV charger for home charging.